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February 5, 2004

Gay Marriage in Mass.

Starting in May, Massachusetts will be the first state to legalize gay marriage! Unfortunately, on February 11, legislators will vote on whether to move to amend the State Constitution to define marriage as "the union between one man and one woman." No amendment will be in place before the legalization in MA, but it's important to KEEP it legal. If you live in MA, contact your legislators and let them know what you think.

Our own MA Senator and democratic presidential nominee front runner John Kerry has said that while he supports domestic partnership rights, he opposes Gay Marriage. He considers marriage a union sanctified by the Church... What? Whose church? Which church? Isn't there supposed to be a separation between church and state? I don't have a church... and I would never belong to one that had a problem with two people loving and committing themselves to each other, regardless of gender, race, or creed. Beyond that, I know that there are churches out there that support the idea of same-sex marriages. What about THOSE churches? If YOUR church tells you not to marry someone of your own gender, please feel free not to. No one is going to force YOU into a gay marriage. That doesn't mean your church should tell anyone else how to run their lives.

I believe very strongly in the sanctity of marriage. I believe that it involves a sacred promise and a commitment to your partner that should not be broken. If you're afraid that someone else's marriage is going to effect the sanctity of your own, I suggest the problem is more with your marriage than with theirs.

April 23, 2004

Enough with the Crazy-making!

I know what you're wondering... Did she get the job or didn't she? Well, dang it, we still don't know. Is it making us crazy? Yes. Yes it is. Very much so. Have I heard anything about my job possibilities? Nope. Nothing. Nada. I promise, as soon as we hear something we'll let the world know. We'll hire sky writers and spammers and carnival barkers. We'll take out a full page ad in the New York Times. We'll sell t-shirts. Believe me, you'll hear about it. You won't be able to get us to shut up. Soon you'll be sick of hearing about it. Until then, please don't ask... it only increases the crazy-making.

The weekend is almost here... mere moments away. Tonight Liz and I will be doing dinner and "Kill Bill Vol.2" with Zubby and Larisa. Tomorrow, I'm going to do some power packing in my office and maybe bake some soda bread.

April 28, 2004

Sit down Christian!

I found this link on my friend Matthew's blog page and I had to pass it along:

So you want to talk about homosexuality? YOU want to talk about homosexuality? You want to talk about homosexuALITY?

Sit down CHRIStian. Give me that bible youíre waving before you hurt yourself. Iím going to resist the temptation to snatch it from your hands and beat you with it. I am your worst nightmare, a Texas preacher who knows The Book better than you do.

You cannot wave your unread bible and scare me. I know its larger story and I will tear you a new biblical asshole."

Go read the rest of it. It's a brilliant refutation of most of the "scriptural" pronouncements against homosexuality, by a Christian preacher who isn't afraid to point a finger when homophobic bigots try to disguise their hate and fear as "faith".

I'm not a religious person, but I was raised by good parents who taught me the importance of loving my fellow human beings and accepting, respecting, and appreciating their differences, while staying open to the many similarities. It seems like a good and moral way to live. If your God thinks otherwise, he's unwelcome in my house. Somehow though, I suspect that if your God teaches intolerance, he's not the God you think he is. Check for hoofs.

July 23, 2004

The DNC vs. the First Ammendment

This is completely ridiculous. For most of the Democratic National Convention, protestors will be restricted to a "designated protest zone". From all accounts, this "zone" is a small fenced in area, tucked out of sight beneath old Green Line elevated tracks. The fences are topped with razor wire and netting, as if they'd modelled this "free speech" zone after Guantanamo Bay. The federal judge who upheld the ruling that the "zone" should stand did so even while agreeing that the space was "an affront to the idea of free expression." He claimed that the pen was an unfortunate necessity because of security concerns and recent unruly protests in other parts of the country. The judge also ruled that the space wasn't large enough for 4000 people it was meant to hold, reduced the maximum occupancy to 1000, and required that extra exits be built.

All this begs an interesting question... What happens when the protesters inevitably refuse to be herded into the "designated protest zone"? There are going to be far more than 1000 protesters in Boston in the coming week. People are coming from all over the country to get their messages across. I can't imagine any of them are going to be too crazy about that concrete, steel, and barbed wire confinement program. And when they refuse to be penned, what is going to happen? Are they going to try to have the overworked, underpayed, and generally frustrated Boston Police (many of whom will be on their own picket lines next week) arrest or disperse thousands of protesters? Gee... I can't see something like THAT errupting into violence, mayhem, and destruction, can you? No way THAT could turn into another Seattle WTO situation, no sir.

Should be an interesting week in Boston. Note to self... start bringing camera to work.

March 17, 2006

Top of the Freakin' Morning to You

The baby's room is all put together and decorated. The hospital bags are packed. We have the birth plan and the phone list. Now we wait. The due date is still weeks away, but due dates really don't mean a thing. The baby could show up tomorrow or 3 weeks from now. It's all very mysterious. How does a woman's body decide when to go into labor? What is the trigger that sets that stuff into motion? I'm sure it's chemical and/or hormonal, but what triggers the chemistry? I feel like I should know this kind of thing by now. I should have paid more attention in Biology class.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. I work in Boston. Here is an equation for you:

(March 17 + Boston + 500,000 idiots) x bars open at Noon = streets and trains full of vomiting drunks = Cranky Dave

Don't get me wrong... I have great affection for Irish culture, literature, and music. I'd like to apologize for my various ancestors who may have been complicit in over 800 years of bloody British oppression. Dreadfully sorry about that. I might even indulge in a Shamrock Shake today... and I'll probably have a little Jameson's on the rocks when I get home and maybe listen to the Pogues.

It's just the crowds of staggering drunken college students and investment bankers in sparkly emerald hats waiving around shamrocks and puking green beer onto my Doc Martens that I can do without... and most of you bastards (and bastard-ettes) aren't even Irish! I wish you all very happy Saturday morning hangovers. The ones that feel like someone drove an axe into your skull... Yeah, remember that from last year? Good times.

No really... Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Like I said, Cranky Dave.

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