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April 25, 2006

Well Dang...

A huge thanks to all who have sent their congratulations and well-wishes after Alex's birth. It is very much appreciated! I had really hoped to be able to blog more about these first weeks of parenthood, but it's amazing how difficult it's been to get near the computer for more than a minute or two at a time. Let me also apologize for all of the emails that I've so far failed to return. I really do want to right back to you all, and will as soon as I can.

Alexander is one month old today! He's really an amazing little kid and his Mom and I are completely smitten with him... which is a good thing, because right now he's also being a challenge. It's certainly not his fault. The poor kid has been through a lot in the last week or so. He seemed to be having horrible gas pains. We've adjusted his diet and added some gripe water and that seemed to be helping... then he went in for surgery to correct a problem that was discovered shortly after birth. We can tell that his recovery is making him really uncomfortable. How can we tell? He screams like a maniac about 12 hours a day, and doesn't seem terribly happy about anything the other twelve. Our pediatrician says we can up his pain medication a bit and see if that helps. Hopefully that will make a difference. They say that babies recover from this kind of thing very quickly, so maybe he'll be more comfortable in a few days. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having your beautiful new baby howling and screaming and having no idea how to make it better.

I'm back at work now... which feels way to soon. Things are busy in the bookmines, and I'm doing the best I can to cope while suffering from sleep deprivation. I'd much rather be home with Liz and the baby. I feel guilty for being here, instead of home helping my wife and child deal with this difficult period. I know that I don't really have a choice, but that doesn't make it easier.

With all that said, I love being a father. Watching this little guy grow and change and get a little more engaged in the world everyday is just about the coolest thing ever. I don't even mind (and even sometimes find it weirdly charming) when he spits up or pisses on me. We find ourselves cheering him on when he burps, farts, and poops. As his vision gets better, we can see him noticing things and trying to interact with them. Everything he does is weirdly breathtaking.

August 14, 2006

This is what fun looks like!

photo courtesy of Amy

January 16, 2007

Our Plague Days

Wow... It's been a wacked week... What follows is a way-to-long recounting of my family's past ten plague-ridden days playing "swap the virus". This is probably of interest to no one but me, but I'm recording it here for posterity, and so that I can move on to hopefully post more interesting things this year.

In my last post, I foolishly mentioned how thankful I was that Liz, Alex, and I had been in such good health over the last year... then completely forgot to knock on wood. Two days later, Alex came down with a nasty gastrointestinal virus that had him spewing out both ends. He was barely able to keep even Pedialyte down. As a result, a few days later our pediatrician advised us to check Alex into the hospital so that they could rehydrate him via IV. Hospitals are awful places in general, but even more so when the patient is your 9-month old son. After a restless night sleeping on cots next to his hospital bed, Liz and I were both exhausted and stressed out. Alex improved quite a bit with the addition of fluids, and we took him home the next day. The doctor even said he would be fine to go to daycare the next day, as long as his diarrhea was not too leaking out of his diapers. That was last Monday.

Things seemed to be getting better, and Alex was able to mostly hold down Pedialyte and diluted formula. Mostly. Then Monday night, within moments of each other, Liz and I both came down with the virus. Great! So that's two sick parents, taking turns going from the baby to the bathroom. So we figure... okay, we just have to make it through the night. Then we can take Alex to daycare, and spend the day sleeping and trying to recover. Tuesday morning I drop Alex off at daycare, come home, and crawl into bed. An hour and a half later, the phone rings. It's daycare. Alex has pooped all over his daycare crib. Explosively. I picture a firehose of poop covering the walls of the daycare nursery. Not pretty. So back I go to pick up Alex. Not "rest day" for Mom and Dad. Back we go to the Pediatrician... he gives us some probiotics to help repopulate his colon with beneficial bacteria and hopefully clear up the "hershey squirts". This is basically yeast. It is very effective, and has the slightly disconcerting side-effect of making his poop smell like freshly backed bread. The doctor also gives us and antibiotic, because on top of everything else, Alex has an ear infection!

Fortunately for Liz and I, it seems to be sort of a 48 hour virus thing. By Wednesday morning, we were feeling much better, but poor Alex was still having trouble keeping full-strength formula down. The probiotics hadn't kicked in yet, so he was also still having explosive diarrhea. Or maybe the anitbiotics were temporarily canceling the effects of the probiotics... who knows. I stayed home with the boy while Liz goes off to work. The poor kid definitely wanted to play and crawl around, but didn't quite have the energy to manage it. He's was able to keep more formula down and seemed to be getting better as the day progressed. The probiotics stared to kick in. Things seemed to be going well.

Thursday, Alex successfully spent the day at daycare, kept down formula and even a little rice cereal.

Thursday night, the cough started.

Alex came down with a terrible hacking cough. He would cough his head off and then scream in pain. Really awful, gut-wrenching stuff. He was also clawing at his ear. We figured the ear infection hadn't gone away and was being irritated by the coughing. We gave him Tylenol and tried to ride it out, but it didn't seem to go away. By Sunday, Alex was still coughing and screaming, but was otherwise much better. When he wasn't coughing, he was playing, laughing and crawling around like his normal self. He was eating his normal food and had a healthy appetite. But the screaming... yikes.

So Monday (MLK Day) morning, Liz calls the Pediatrician and makes an appointment for later in the afternoon. Then Liz becomes deathly ill. Sounds like the flu this time. Great! I take Alex to see the doctor, prepared to demand antibiotics for his ear and possibly antidepressants for his Dad. The doctor can't get a good view inside Alex's ear, so she has to scrape wax out with a scary little wire device. Needless to say, my son is not impressed and lets us know it. Finally, the doc is able to see what she needs to see. His ears are just fine. No infection. He has a cold, she says. The coughing is irritating his throat, and that's why he's screaming. Nothing to do but give him a little benadryl and ride it out. Nice.

So we go home, where my sweet wife is curled up on the couch with a fever and the chills.

That was yesterday. Today I'm back at work, holding my breath, praying that the flu shot that Alex and I got will protect us from whatever crud Liz has. This crazy cycle of sickness has to end.

March 28, 2007

The Birthday Boy - Year One

Today our son Alexander is one year old! It's hard to believe that an entire year has gone by since this amazing little kid came into our lives. He makes my world a better place on a daily basis.

In the space of a year, from this:

To this:

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!
Happy Birthday, Alex!

April 30, 2007

Baby's First Robot

We spent Saturday at Beth and Paul's place, being swarmed by pugs, hanging out with friends, and playing with their new Wii. While Alex thought the Wii was kinda cool, what really impressed him was the ROBOT! He found the power button on their Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and was hooked. Alex loves robots.

Thanks for the video, Paul!

It was great to see everyone there, especially Chris and Margaret, who were visiting from the UK.

The Walking Dude

People have told me that babies often go from crawling to walking overnight, as if a switch has been flipped. Saturday, Alex's walking switch definitely flipped on. He had been "cruising" for awhile, moving around the room holding on to furniture or walker toys. Saturday, he just let go and started staggering around the house like a drunken sailor. He also successfully crawled up an entire flight of stairs, with a very nervous dad following inches behind. I think we need to kick up our baby-proofing to a whole new level...

Alex is really enjoying his new mobility, and as a result, was in a great mood all weekend. Very smiley and social, which is a good thing, since we had such a social weekend.

Sunday, we drove down to Dover to see our friends Tex and Beth, who were visiting from Chicago with their excellent baby Spencer. Tex and I were college and post-college housemates, so we've seen each other go through a lot off changes. He knew me when I had hair... and a beard. Now neither of us has much hair. And we're both responsible working professionals with families. Who knew?

May 7, 2007

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

My son Alex doesn't really pay any attention to TV, with the possible exception of spontaneous outbursts of dancing to the "Dragon Tales" theme song... but he is a YouTube fanatic. Something about that little video window in our browser just draws him in. This is his all-time favorite clip, guaranteed to get him smiling and clapping:

Little dude digs those swingin’ cats!

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