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The Walking Dude

People have told me that babies often go from crawling to walking overnight, as if a switch has been flipped. Saturday, Alex's walking switch definitely flipped on. He had been "cruising" for awhile, moving around the room holding on to furniture or walker toys. Saturday, he just let go and started staggering around the house like a drunken sailor. He also successfully crawled up an entire flight of stairs, with a very nervous dad following inches behind. I think we need to kick up our baby-proofing to a whole new level...

Alex is really enjoying his new mobility, and as a result, was in a great mood all weekend. Very smiley and social, which is a good thing, since we had such a social weekend.

Sunday, we drove down to Dover to see our friends Tex and Beth, who were visiting from Chicago with their excellent baby Spencer. Tex and I were college and post-college housemates, so we've seen each other go through a lot off changes. He knew me when I had hair... and a beard. Now neither of us has much hair. And we're both responsible working professionals with families. Who knew?


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