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On Not Blogging

While I really like the idea of keeping a blog, it's pretty obvious that I am, in fact, no blogger. I've been thinking about why that might be, and I think it boils down to these bullet points:

1) I'm fairly busy, between work and parenthood. The time between when I get home and when Alex goes to bed is pretty much spent exclusively hanging out with my son. He's way more fun than blogging. The time after Alex goes to bed is mostly spent eating dinner, cleaning, taking care of bills, etc. And admittedly, watching some TV. That's right, sometimes I'd much rather watch Battlestar Galactica than blog.
2) I sit in front of a computer all day at work, and don't really like to do it that much when I'm at home.
3) I'm not a public person and don't really want to be. Unless I know you, I don't really like to share.
4) It takes me awhile to compose my thoughts in writing, and usually the time commitment involved outweighs my desire to write anything in a blog.
5) The parts of my life that I would be willing to post on a public blog would really be of no interest to anyone, including myself. So why bother.

With that said, I have no intentions of deleting this blog. It will stay here... and I'll probably even post to it occassionally. I might try to keep up the book posts, just for my own reference. Who knows. We'll see.

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Oh please do keep your blog. We enjoy reading it at the other side of the world. Also just a reminder about that swap that we had going, I some how think that your better half wont let you and I would imagine that now baby is turning in to a rather cute little boy that you are probably not so keen either.Ahh well, I will wait till April and give him a big hug instead.


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