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Book Log experiment for 2007

I've always meant to keep a log of the books that I read in a given year, maybe even with short reviews or reactions. Unfortunately, I'm very lazy. You may have noticed that there is a "Reading:" line on the sidebar of this blog. You may have also noticed that I never update it. I promise you I haven't been reading the same George R.R. Martin novel for the last 6 months. I mean, the guy writes long books, but not that long.

Since it's January, and I've decided to kick off the new year by trying this experiment. Every time I finish a book, I'll blog the title, author, and at least two sentences about it. I'll categorize them under the tag "What I'm Reading" This seems like a reasonable target. We'll see how long I keep it up. For the purpose of this experiment, I will not be including the books I read to Alex. That might be Phase 2 of the experiment...

With that said...

K-Machines by Damien Broderick
I'm two books into this series (God Players being the first book) and I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not... The basis of the story, god-like contestants in an ancient and mysterious conflict waging war across multiple realities, had a lot of promise. There are some thought-provoking ideas about the nature of perceived and consensus reality that I like kicking around the old headbone. Unfortunately, I never really developed any kind of emotional involvement with the characters. I wasn't dying to see what happens on the next page. Still, I made it through both books, so it had at least enough of "something" to keep me reading that long.


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