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Updating to Update

Update? Here’s an update…

Thanksgiving was lovely. Our friend Amy visited from NYC for a few days. We spent Turkey Day with my brother Chris, his wife Michelle, my excellent nieces and nephew, and other assorted family members. Good food, good folks, good fun.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent working, trying to sooth a screaming unhappy baby, or recovering from same. Our poor little kiddo is teething in a big bad way. His top two front teeth are ready to burst through any time now, and they’re making him miserable and feverish. We’re doing everything we can to make him comfortable… infant ibuprofen, frozen chew things, etc. Still, there’s really only so much you can do to dull the pain of small sharp shards of bone forcing their way through flesh. It’s really an awful system. Whoever came up with that intelligent design was one crappy engineer. I’m just saying….

Work is busy. Lots of deadlines and crazy stressful messes caused by outsourcing to other continents in radically different time zones. Checking my email at midnight to answer confused queries from India. Bah.

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Speaking of India, a very amusing anecdote (sp?) from work. We had this fellow who used to be an Indian contractor, who came on board as a full-time employee earlier this year. But in order to give this technical person the salary he wanted, he was hired in a "manager" position. Though he still performed the smae technical role as the rest of us peons.

Needless to say, many of us who have been at our jobs for many years were a bit peeved at the fact that we had to constantly help, and fix the errors of, someone who was making more than all of us.

But what goes around, comes around. We had to let some people go recently because of "strategic direction". Of course, you let the people go who make the most money, and are taking the biggest bite out of the budget. Guess who that was?

Not me!

Peace out -> Rich


Ah the joy of outsourcing.

The worst part of my job at AOL was training and correcting the web content reviewers in India. (No, www.packers.com is not a porn site. That's why you have to actually LOOK at the site before you classify it.)


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