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Mmmmm... squash.

In my latest attempt to help stretch our already drum tight budget, I’ve embarked on a new culinary adventure... making our own baby food. I feel like a huge hippy doing this, but the reality is that you can make better safer food yourself for about half the price of the pre-packaged stuff. I also kind of like knowing exactly what is going into the food.

Baby food is easy, mostly because at this stage it rarely has more than two ingredients. At the moment, I’m sticking to fruits and vegetables. So far I’ve made a batch of summer squash and a batch of pears. I might try peaches and green beans this weekend.

Basically, all you have to do is this:
1. Thoroughly wash the fruit or vegetable.
2. Peel fruit or veg and cut into half inch cubes.
3. Steam until soft. Save excess water from steamer.
4. Puree in food processor (or blender). Add water from steamer if necessary to get puree to a pourable consistency
5. ‘Pour into clean ice cube trays.
6. Freeze. Each cube is about 1 oz. of food that can be thawed quickly in the microwave when needed.
7. Fruit and Vegetable can be kept frozen for at least three months

So yeah, big hippy Dave.

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Your smaller and lazier hippy friend Liza has so far made sweet potatos on the same theory.

Alarmingly, many of the baby food items sold at my grocery store as "stage 2" foods -- which they seem to think includes Noah -- include ingredients like milk and strawberries and eggs. All high on the potential allergens list and recommended NOT for babies as young as ours.

What's up with that???

and citrus too! I actually can taste the homemade food and not come close to gagging.. its actually really good and we feed some squash and pears mixed with a tablespoon of oatmeal for dinner tonight and Alex LOVED it. He ate the entire bowl which was 2oz. squash, 1oz pears, 1T oatmeal and a little piece of mashed banana.

Luh uh uh ved it


I got inspired by the ladies at Addition Problems and decided to also try letting Noah "eat" some large pieces of fruit.

Can I just say, half an apple, cored, was wildly successful? I think it felt great on his gums and he loved the taste. Plus he looked excited to be eating the same thing I was eating.

The half banana was also popular, but soooooooooooo messy.


Yay for hippies! I'm totally planning to do the same. Better for nutrition and budget. I got a book with baby food recipes that a friend at work used, too.

I'm hoping we make it the full six months before he takes solids, because Dave and I both have allergies and I specifically have food allergies, but lately he's been staring with more than passing interest at my morning banana. Then again, today he tried to eat the Packers logo off my T-shirt.


When Noah was around 5 m, I read yet another allergy/solids study, in which the researchers were surprised to find that wheat allergies were actually higher for the babies that had no solids at all until 6 months, than for babies who had OTHER cereal grains between 4-6 months.

Since Noah had been trying to steal the food off of our plates for a couple of weeks at that point, we used that as our rationalization.

But it turns out that feeding him is a lot of work, so during month 5, he mostly got solid food every other day. (Lizzie, I told you I was a slackermommy!)

Slackermommies, UNITE! I mean I'm not the one making the food! Big Hippie Dave is making the food!
(though I am very happy he is making it.. Alex loves it and it is certainly better for him)


I made applesauce this weekend! Now the big challenge is going to be saving it for Noah.

(I froze half in ice cubes and half in a tupperware dish. Noah can share, dammit.)

And I found canned sweet potato puree with nothing in it but sweet potatos for approximately 10% of what it costs to buy the same amount of baby food sweet potatos and 3% of the work of making my own.

Canned goods may be my new best friend.


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