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I think I actually fixed the problem... either that or I broke it in some way that will come back to haunt me later. I really need to learn more perl scripting. I really like the new interface for this blogging software. Much more user-friendly. Of course you can't see that right now, because I haven't changed the template at all. I'll play with it more this weekend.

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You da man!

Oh, great....if Dave starts posting again I won't be able to tell myself I'm not the only one who doesn't update.


Fortunately for Sean, he's not in too much danger. As I've told Liza more than once, I'm a terrible blogger. And now I'm a terrible blogger who randomly deletes lines of the perl script that powers his blog... Because having an infant son doesn't take up nearly enought time. Heh.


Yeah, yeah. You're both rotten bloggers. If we (the collective we of the blogosphere) promise we don't give a shit how often you update, will you guys write whenever you DO feel like it?

Cuz, something's better than nothing. :)


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