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Tentative Thumbs Up

I wasn't going to write any more about the "behind-the-scenes" workings of my blog, but I just have to say this... As frustrating as it was to install, upgrade, and transfer our blogs to the new verison of Movable Type, now that it's all up and running I'm pretty happy with it. Please note the absence of comment spam. So far, Movable Type 3.32 hasn't let a single piece of comment spam past it's filters! I'm sure that won't last forever, but at the moment it's really nice not to have to spend time cleaning out all the crud from my comment lists. It's got some other nicer features as well, which made it well worth the upgrade.

I also have to mention that my new webhost pSek.com (thanks for the tip, Paul) has been working out really well so far. They offer more features, have responded faster to queries, and cost about a third of the price of my old webhost. Of course I've only been with them for a couple of weeks now, so there is still time for things to go hideously wrong. For now, I remain cautiously optimistic.

Okay, I'm done writing about back end stuff that probably no one but me cares about. My next post will be about something else, I promise.


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