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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I've moved to a new webhosting service... and that has meant moving Movabletype, the software that runs our blogs. Movabletype is an evil evil thing... Hopefully we'll be back up and running at 100% soon. For the moment, comments may be broken. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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If you see this comment, then I did something right...


Another test post... ho hum


Ouch. I see your comments, and your posts, and I wish I were awake enough to figure out what the monkey brain joke to make is, but I can't quite work it out.

And yah, the sites look a little odd, but the key thing is they still exist. With pictures. :)


Whoa! Now it looks completely different. In the span of approximately 7 seconds.

Wow...nice new look. Makes me feel very lazy about my new site.

Guess it's back to the editing program....


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