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Sleep Deprivation and the Grim Meathook Future

Sleep deprivation is turning me into a boring conversationalist... While I've got just enough energy to hold things together at work and still do a competent job, my brain just doesn't seem to have enough juice these days for casual conversation. It's very very weird. I can talk about job specs and file processing procedures and make sense. If I try to have a conversation with a friend about something I saw on TV last night, my words start to slur together (or drop consonants) and I lose my train of thought. Hopefully my friends will give me the benefit of the doubt for the next couple of months.

I've never been someone who functioned well with anything less than 6 solid continuos hours of sleep. Eight is optimum, seven is pretty good, six is doable. Even a minute less and my brain starts making sacrifices. It is only because my amazing wife takes the majority of the night feedings that I'm coherent at all. They say your body adjusts to the lack of sleep demanded by an infant and allows you to survive these first few months. It would be really good if that adjustment would kick in sometime soon.

In this somewhat altered state, I've also been subjecting my brain to small doses of Warren Ellis'snew forum site Die Puny Humans. It's all about tracking our sad progression toward the "Grim Meathook Future". Good reading, but not exactly heart warming. Having a new baby, it would be much nicer to believe that the world is moving towards an age of peace and enlightenment. Unfortunately, all you have to do is watch the evening news to see that things are likely to get a lot worse before they get better. But enough of my sunshine and daffodil ranting...

Because I think it's important to visually document this early part of my son's life, I'm considering buying a camcorder. I've found a good low-end Sony Digital8 camera (DCR-TRV280) that I can pick up for about $250. It would let me transfer videos to my computer so that I can edit them and burn them to DVD. Now I just need some freelance work so that I can pay for it. Even then, I'll probably need the money for daycare and other baby related expenses. Hrmm... I guess I'll probably stick to still photography for awhile.

Anyhoo... back to work.

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I think we got semi-functional around 5 or 6 weeks. So hopefully you're almost there.

The other thing that started happening around then was Noah occassionally sleeping a decent amount of time. I think you can get at least 2 days of improved functioning from 1 night of decent sleep.

And if that doesn't work...well, good luck with that! ;-)


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