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Tick Tock

So it's Friday... and still no bouncing baby boy. Every time we see a doctor, we are told that next time they see us they'll probably want to start inducing labor. They tell us there is no way this baby is going to wait until his due date to arrive. This is probably a good thing. Poor Lizzie is exhausted and uncomfortable, and already bored with her doctor-mandated "modified bed rest". Our next appointment is on Monday... I guess I should be grateful to have one more weekend (maybe) to make sure the house is clean and well stocked, to pay bills and do taxes before my brain becomes totally consumed by a new infant. Still, I just can't wait to meet this little guy.

I got to talk to my dear friend Katrina the other day, which was really great. She's also very very pregnant, so it was nice to compare notes.

Back to work.

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Pre-mazeltov to all of you...it's quite funny to be observing this all from a distance. Seem just yesterday we were treating hangovers with tater tots in SAGA. (Happy Passover!)


Hey Dave -- we're watching the clock and the calendar and keeping our fingers crossed ... can't wait to hear about the arrival -- and until then, our thoughts are with you all!


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