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BABY Definitely!

Our baby Alexander was born today at 11:45 am. He's 7lbs 11 oz. of perfect baby boy. Alex and Lizzie are both doing just fine. All three of us are tired, but very happy. He had to be delivered as a c-section, so we'll be in the hospital for a few more days and mostly offline. The fuull story will be posted later, but here are a few pix to tide you over until then.

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He's adorable! He's perfect! And you both have that great 'happy deer in headlights' look. :)

I especially love the immediately post-c-sec picture of Alex and Liz.

(Strangely enough, I think he looks a lot like Chris.)

Liza's Sister:

Dave & Liz - Your baby is beautiful!. Dave- he has your haircut! Congratulations!


Auntie Mimi:

He is so handsom! We are so happy for both of you. I can't wait to hold him!
Auntie Mimi

Grandma W:

As strong as the Troia genes have been in Chris and Michelle's children, I think I see a lot of Grandpa Michael Polay showing up in Alex (perhaps the Polay genes are stronger)...but it is early to tell. No matter who he looks like, he sure is a good looking kid (lots of good genes!)! His Grandpa Wettengel and I are eager to meet him face-to-face...the perfect "Little Prince."

Andy Jones:

Congratulations to the both of you! He's a very cute young man!



Congrats, Daddy (and Mommy, but I'll post on her blog)! He's just gorgeous....



Congratulations. You both look so happy and Alex looks wonderful too. Born on the same day as Paul, he as to be one of the best. Love to you all and cant wait to see you in June.


these pictures are gorgeous.. i am so happy for you!!! i love you guys!

Great news, Dave!

Welcome, Alex!

Congratualtions!! Happy healing and baby bliss...


The look of sheer joy and pride on your faces says more than words can ever express.

Congratulations to you and your new addition! I still think it's wrong that Alex has more hair than his dad though!

Lots of love from over here,

got here through ms. jenni's site; many, many congrats! (c-section babies are the cutest, although i won't tell that to my dear friend who is in labor right this minute.) Ħque dios le bendiga!

Congrats Lizzie and Dave!
Alex is a handsome fella! The upside of the c-section is no smooshy-faced babies! I'd say you got a good one.
Kris and I are looking forward to introducing our boys...Henry's first playmate!
Big ups from Brooklyn, yo.


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