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Teenage Lobotomy

The most interesting thing I've been exposed to so far today... a radio documentary previosly broadcast on NPR called "My Lobotomy". It follows Howard Dully as he embarks on a journey to find out everything that he can about the transorbital ("icepick") lobotomy that he was given as a 12-year old boy in 1960 by Dr. Walter Freeman. Freeman invented the procedure and performed about 3500 of them over the coarse of his career, often on people who were not suffering from serious mental illness. Dully interviews Dr. Freeman's son, as well as many of his patients and their families. At it's emotional peak, Dully gains access to his own personal files from Freeman's archives, including photos of himself with the icepick still inserted in his eye sockets. He learns about the reasons that he was lobotomized and is finally able to talk to his father about why this was allowed to happen. Gut wrenching and emotional. Definitely worth checking out. You can listen to it in RealAudio here.

Tonight my lovely wife and I are going to go up to Gloucester to catch the musical stylings of Mr. Peter Mulvey at the Fishtown Artspace. Peter puts on a rocking good show... you should go.


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