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So Sue Me

Okay, so I blew the whole "one post a day" thing. Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming.

So it's Tuesday, and I'm still not sick of Turkey yet. It probably helped that we broke up the feast of leftovers with a delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant last night. Pho Lynn is an amazing "mom and pop" joint with some of the freshest and tastiest Vietnamese food I've ever had. Four of us ate an enormous gut-busting meal, including appetizers. Total bill: $33. That's about $10 a person with tip. It's located in slightly skanky downtown Lynn, MA, but not nearly skanky enough to keep us from going back.

Today I jumped back on the Turkey Wagon at lunch with a bowl of the excellent turkey soup that my talented wife created out of the bones of our Thanksgiving bird.

But enough about food... let's talk about reading. Now that I have sworn off book buying and given that corner of my soul to the public library system, I have become a slave to the dreaded "due date". The library gives me 3 weeks to read a book or renew it. Depending on how busy my life is at the moment, the majority of my reading happens on the train while I commute to work. This equals a total of about an hour a day of solid reading time, five days a week. Maybe a little more at bed time. If I have checked out a book that is 800 pages long, I will most likely not have time to finish it in 3 weeks. So I renew it... unless someone else has put it on hold. So what then? Do I return the book and put my name back in the que, possible waiting months to get another turn? Or do I hold on to the book, racking up late fees until I can finish it? It's a moral question, I guess. I'll leave you to ponder it, or not, as you choose.


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