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Well, I've already blown the "one post everyday" pledge... I really meant to post on Saturday, but never quite got around to it.

Peter's show was really was really nice. He played in this funky little venue in Gloucester, MA called the Fishtown Artspace... a cool community orientated art education/gallery/performance space. Dogs and babies running around. Always good to see Peter.

Saturday we worked on the house a bit... and although I know that some progress was made it's in one of those phases where it's a bigger mess than when we started. I'm sure that we'll be able to put a major dent in it over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the evening we hung out with Paul, Beth, Dave, and Rita for some tasty chicken, homemade chips (fries... but they were made by and Englishman, so that makes them "chips"), and beverages . We spent much of the evening drinking, talking, and watching the food network. Paula Dean creeps me out... I think I've lost all of my punk rock points.

Today we ventured out into the world to look at cribs and steamer trunks. It's amazing how difficult it is to find a steamer trunk in this day and age. Apparently people no longer ship out with the merchant marines as much as they used to. When we got home we learned that the one place we didn't make it to (Kmart) has them on sale right now. I am writing about steamer trunks... all punk rock points out the window.


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