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July 6, 2005

Holiday Weekend in Review

Saturday: BBQ with the freaks in Pittsfield. Hanging around, grilling, and a bonfire with friends from around the country. Lots of fun... I wish we could have stayed all weekend.

Sunday: Dinner with Peter and Meredith in Somerville. Very good Tibetan food, followed by beer at the Burren and cider at the Joshua Tree. Always good to see my Milwaukee homies.

Monday: BBQ and Fireworks with the Purple Scorpion folks in Salem. Leo, Leo, and Judy always put on a good shindig. It seems like I ate and ate, but never quite filled up. The fireworks were very nice... a good display out over the harbor, with a band playing rock blocks of Gershwin. It was nice to be able to stay in town and celebrate without fighting the crowds in Boston.

Tuesday and Today: Back to work... this time of year is always a little strange in the workplace. Lots to do, plenty of deadlines... and everyone is on vacation. Including the people who I'm supposed to be delivering files too. Whatever. I'm just trying to stay ahead of the wave of work that is constantly threatening to crash down on my head. Summers used to be slow at this company. Not so much anymore.

In other news: I'm developing a fascination for strange podcasts from around the globe. Today's favorite: (Cool) Shite on the Tube. Four Australian guys sit around and give review and commentary about cinema and DVDs, with a preference toward sci-fi and anime. The reviews are okay, but the real entertainment is listening to them rag on each other. Good stuff!

July 12, 2005

Strange Day

I'ts been an odd day. Very much a rollercoaster, and as a result, not very productive. I'm not sure that I have the energy for trying to translate it all into written word. This outline is more for my own benefit, than anyone elses.

-woke up this morning feeling unrested. This has been happening a lot lately. I think it's weather related. The heat/AC contrasts mess with my system a little.

-Got to work this morning. Turned on my computer and was immediately greeted with the news that Keith Alexander had passed away in a bicycling accident last night. I never knew Keith personally, although I read his various online journals and postings. Lizzie knew Keith much better, corresponding with him frequently. They were working on a book together, to be published through her company. Keith was someone who I always admired from a distance. His talents crossed so many different areas, and he always seemed to have life by the balls. It is difficult to imagine that there was anything capable of killing him. He never suffered fools lightly, but was also more than happy to share knowledge and educate. Many of those who he would verbally demolish online would go on to consider him a friend. He died on his bike, doing something that he was passionate about. Small consolation for those who knew him. He'll definitely be missed.

- Went to the Macworld Convention during my lunch break an ran into my old friend Phil who I haven't seen in years. It's good to see he's still cranking out art and engaging in the pursuit of the interesting. The Convention Expo was a little lame, although to be fair my head really wasn't in it. I just wandered around a little and picked up some free magazines. Since Apple doesn't really sponsor Macworld Boston, most of the big vendors don't seem to bother. No Apple, no Adobe... Quark was there, but these days, who cares? The publishing industry has pretty much given up on Quark.

-Called Katrina to wish her a Happy Birthday and ended up talking to her for about an hour. I'm really glad that she and her husband Ken have moved to the East Coast. We'll be going down to see them in New Haven in a few weeks. Kat has been one of my closest friends for the last 18 years, and I've missed having her within driving distance. It was very good to hear her voice.

So that was my day thus far, sad, happy, unsettled.

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