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Lost time

Summer is here... so now instead of complaining about the cold rainy spring I can grumble about the heat and humidity. The meteorological grass is always greener...

Last weekend, Liz and I spent a really great and much needed weekend in NYC. We only really had a day and a half, but we managed to do a lot. We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with my old friend and housemate Dan, his excellent wife Kathy, and their very handsome baby Henry. Dan and Henry took us to MoMA to take in some art. Next we escorted Amy to a cocktail party at the apartment of Liz's old friend Roman. It was mostly people in town for the Book Expo, all very nice folks made even nicer by Roman's lethal cosmopolitans. Later we met up with the Meep, who very graciously hosted us for the weekend, and our friend Jason. After some tasty and cheap Indian food, we made our ceremonial pilgrimage to Motor City on Ludlow for drinks. My old friend David met us for a few beers. That was really nice. It had been way too long since I'd seen the guy. He's one of those people who I've know since I was 14 .

Manhattan has a funny way of destroying my perception of time. Suddenly we were all having drinks at Grass Roots on St. Marks with Chloe and it was 3:30am. I didn't really become tired until I looked at my watch. Funny how that happens...
We woke up a few hours after we went to sleep and headed to the 2nd Ave Deli to meet James and Samantha for breakfast. Deli food is amazing for purging the toxins built up after a late night on the Lower East side. Not quite enough curative powers to prepare us for what turned into a nightmarish bus ride home. I don't really want to force myself to relive the details, but let's just say that our bus left Port Authority at about 2pm and we didn't walk in our front door until 11.

So now it's Wednesday, and I'm still tired from the weekend. I just never seem to get to bed early, so my sleep deficit keeps expanding. No good can come of this. I have a feeling I might be up late tonight too. I have to give a presentation in the morning on the wonders of the eBook and the magic of instructional technology. So far, I have a sketchy outline that needs filling in, so it looks like I may have homework tonight. No worries... I am a rock star.


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