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Crappy Blogger

I know I've said this before... over and over... but I'm a lousy blogger. I could blame it on the recent long work hours leaving me too busy to blog during the day and too tired to write anything coherent at night. That would really just be making excuses though. The sad truth is that I've been suffering from some weird form of apathy that has effected not only my blog, but also my emailing, and really all forms of on-line interaction. If I'm going to be absolutely honest, it's probably extends to off-line interaction too. If I didn't have Lizzie to drag me out of the house and make me interact socially, I'd probably have been a complete hermit for the last few months.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, the sun is setting later, and there is a light at the end of the very long tunnel of work that I've been digging through in the book mines, I'm hoping to starting reconnecting with the outside world. Will that translate into more frequent blog entries? Who knows.

My new position in the bookmines is slowly starting to take form, at least in my own mind. The actual job description hasn't quite been finalized yet, but I've been told that I'll soon be training another staff member to take over some of my production work so that I can focus more on project management and other areas. That will be good for all sorts of reasons. While it's nice to be the "resident expert" on something, it's not so nice to be "the only one who knows how to do it". That would be why I've been working crazy hours for the last few months. Time to share the wealth... and by wealth I mean crap ton of work.

In other news, I am very very excited about the new revisions of the G5 iMac. If I can find one in stock, I'm picking one up this week. I've had the same computer (a 350Mhz G3) for the last 6 years, and while it still works, it's become more than a little obsolete. I've had to turn down at least one freelance job because my old aging machine couldn't handle it. Ironically, that job would have paid for a new computer on it's own. Such is life.


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