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Cryptic, but in a good way.

This is a little frustrating... I got some really really good news on Friday, but I'm not allowed to make it public for another week or two. I CAN, however make cryptic statements that will be understood by those of you who are "in the know."

The situation that I've been on pins and needles about for over three months has finally resolved itself... with the best possible outcome. It's a huge step forward for me and I'm looking forward to the new opportunities it will bring.

Since cryptic statements like that almost always spin wildly out of control, here's a few things that I'm NOT hinting at (at least at the moment):

- Liz isn't pregnant

- I'm not pregnant

- we didn't buy a house

- I am not going to be the new Pope

- I have not been called to testify in the Michael Jackson trial

- my album has not yet gone platinum.

I'm not denying that any of those things could happen in the near future... but none of them are what I'm alluding to above. Maybe I'll be able to say more next week.


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