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Fortune Cookie

I'm very very bad at blogging. I haven't been inspired to write... or when I DO feel inspired, I'm nowhere near a computer or too busy at work to do anything about it. Hopefully things will ease up in a month or so and I'll get back to it.

Right now, things are busy at work. And a little frustrating. But one of the problems with public blogs is that it's never really wise to talk too much about your job. All I can do is make cryptic posts about how I'm hoping for something positive to happen in the next few weeks. Corporate gears grind very slowly, but April brings change as cycles begin anew. There. Now I sound like a fortune cookie.

Next weekend, Lizzie and I get to spend a 3-day weekend in Providence with a bunch of friends from around the country (and Canada) that we don't get to see very often. Can't wait! I need a little getaway.


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