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Happy Friggin' New Year

I haven't posted for awhile, and I think that's probably because I find the "first post of the year" a little daunting. The longer I wait, the more noteworthy things happen. At this point, so many things "of great import" have happened that the idea of trying to write about all of it has become vastly intimidating. The only way to get past that mental obstacle is to just forget about it and move on, without trying to recap in detail the last few weeks of my life. So basically, if you weren't there you're probably out of luck.

Nah... I can't get off that easily.

Here's a few brief snippits, just so I can move on:

  • Lizzie got laid off from Limelight.
  • Lizzie very quickly got about another job with normal hours and more security.
  • My folks came to New England for Christmas. It was really nice to have them here, and to spend time with my bro, sis-in-law, and the kids as well.
  • I got a weird stomach virus thing that made me feel like a big pile of crap for most of a week.
  • found out a friend's cancer went into remission.
  • spent a very quiet New Years Eve with a few good folks, eating , drinking, talking, and xboxing.
  • went down to Providence to welcome a friend to his new home in New England. Got to spend time with some folks that we never see enough of in the process.
  • crazy busy at work. May get promotion soon... or not until April. Depends on the whims of corporate budgets, I guess.

There... that's all you get. I'm now ready to start anew. Happy 2005!


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