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A Paco Lips. When? Now!

Today is off to a lousy start. I overslept, missed my train, and finally got in to work an hour late. I finally arrived at my office in the middle of a scheduled building evacuation drill, which meant waiting around outside for another 20 minutes or so. My giant Dunkin Donuts coffee has only slightly woken me up.

The election results haven't done much for my mood this morning either. At this point, no victor has been declared, but I'm pretty sure that Ohio is a lost cause and that we'll have four more years of Bush. What makes me sadder is that this seems to be what the American people want. Unlike four years ago, Bush actually seems to have won the popular vote and not just the electoral college. Not by a landslide, but by a majority. I have a bad feeling about the repercussions this will have for our economy, civil liberties, and general safety... but I'm gradually realizing that while I've always considered myself fairly moderate, I was just fooling myself. Apparently I'm way left of center and center is much further right than I was aware of... I've always been directionally challenged. Never ask me for directions. This is the point in my post where I could really start ranting... but I'm just not in the mood today.

Tonight I'm going to go home and find out what Jack Van Impe has to say about all of this. He's my all time favorite end-times theologian! I love the way that he and his lovely wife Skeletor Rexella break down current events and show how all of them are predicted in the books of Daniel and Revelations. Apparently it's just a matter of time before the European Union, the Illuminati, the WTO, and the Skull and Bones folks manage to pull us all together into the New World Order led by the Antichrist. Good times! Years of tribulation and then the triumphant arrival of Shiva the Destoroyer Jesus to put the smack down on the sinners and deliver all the people who have sent $29.95 to Jack Van Impe straight to heaven. Rock on! Jack's "Final World Government When? NOW!" DVD is most definitely going on my holiday wishlist.


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