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Hertz Donut

My Friday isn't off to a great start... I've got a nasty headache that I don't seem to be able to shake and I didn't have the pleasure of Lizzie's company during my morning commute. We usually ride the commuter rail in to Boston together, but this morning she had to drive in later for a trip to Restaurant Depot. She's working so much right now that I cherish every moment I can spend with her, even if it's on a crowded MBTA train.

Liz's new workplace, Limelight Stage and Studio should be opening on Monday. It's a really cool concept. Chock full o' fun! If you're in the Boston area stop by for some sake cocktails and full-on hi-tech karaoke madness. They've got a public stage and private rooms that you can rent with a bunch of your friends... record a CD, a DVD... theme-nights... Good stuff. You should check it out.

This weekend we have the double-whammy of Salem Halloween and the Boston Red Sox World Series Victory celebrations. I'm not even going to try to come in to Boston for the parade on Saturday. I'm happy for Red Sox fans all over New England, and I shared some of their joy when the Sox swept the Cardinal for their first World Series victory since 1918. Not so happy that I feel like braving the insane crowds and cold rain predicted for tomorrow though. I'll be saving my energy for Salem Halloween celebrations on Sunday. I don't even have a costume yet.


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