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October 13, 2004

Eau d' Circus

Every day for the last week, we've gotten off the train at North Station to the intoxicating fragrence of elephant poop. This can only mean one thing...

The circus is in town.

And that means clowns. Clowns are scary. Now that the sun sets earlier and earlier, it means commuting home after nightfall. Who knows what painted devils might be lurking in the dark alleys around the Fleet Center, just waiting for the opportunity to leap out and juggle? Creepy bastards.

I'm less spooked out by the witches that hang out by the Salem depot.

October 18, 2004

Wicca Pissah, Dude!

This weekend I had my first chance since we've moved to really wander around Salem and get my bearings. Saturday morning I dropped Lizzie off at the Salem train station and wandered down Essex Street to grab breakfast at Red's Sandwich Shop. Nice little place with tables and counter service. Being close to Halloween the clientele seemed to be a mix of locals and tourists. It was odd to see people sitting at the counter in black velvet "witch" dresses, elbow to elbow with guys in t-shirts and Red Sox hats. Maybe I should get used to it.

This time of year is definitely the peak of the tourist season for Salem. This town has somehow managed to turn a tragic and historic case of mass hysteria into a tourist attraction. Back in 1692, a couple of young girls with overactive imaginations accused their Caribbean nanny and two other women of witchcraft, kicking off an infectious storm of wild accusations and paranoia resulting in the conviction and execution of 20 people. It is fairly safe to say that none of the executed where actually witches, and despite torture and persecution, most of them swore they were innocent even as they died on the gallows. Oddly, modern Salem has become a haven for modern wiccans. The storefronts around the wharf are full of new age book stores, wiccan shops, psychics, and horror-themed "museums". Don't get me wrong... I LOVE that stuff. I'm really happy to be living in a town that embraces Halloween so wholeheartedly. It's just a weird reversal of history. The Salem residents of 1692 must be spinning in their graves so hard and fast that it's making their great great great great grand children dizzy.

October 22, 2004

Here are a few

things on my mind lately:

1) I'm not really a baseball fan, but it's hard to live in New England and not absorb some of the unbridled joy that has infused this region since the Red Sox won the American League championship Wednesday night. People around here are passionate about this stuff and have been waiting a long time for the Sox to get this far. The possibility that they might even win the World Series for the first time since 1918 seems to be right up there with the second coming of Jeebus Chrikey.

2) None of point 1 excuses the insane orgy of drunken destruction that occurred during the riots around Fenway Park after Wednesdays game. Flipping cars, setting them on fire, trying to toss trash cans through bank windows, and throwing bottles at cops is not the way to celebrate a victory. As it turns out, it IS a good way to get heavy fines and to probably be expelled from whatever area college you happen to attend, thanks to the post-DNC surveillance cameras that were mounted all around the ball park.

3) None of point 2 excuses the irresponsible use of "less lethal" weapons by some Boston Police Officers, resulting in the death of a 21 year old girl.. I understand that they were trying to control a riot, but firing pepper spray loaded hard plastic pellets randomly into a crowd at head level is just foolish. According to the papers, the Boston Police Department takes full responsibility for the girl's death, and the officers involved are personally devastated. Maybe this will result in a re-examination of how they use they "less lethal" methods. Apparently they aren't all that much "less lethal.."

Other Stuff:

1) We got real furniture delivered on Wednesday. An actual (non-salvation army) couch and love seat set. Very comfy! The cats seem to like snoozing on them. One of these days, Liz and I will actually have time to enjoy them.

2) Salem Halloween should be kicking in to high gear this weekend. That probably means I won't be going downtown very much. S'okay. This weekend the rock stars are coming through Boston, so we'll probably be in the Big City hanging out with them. Next weekend we'll indulge in the hard core Salem craziness at our friend Leo's party down near Pickering Wharf.. Should be pretty whacky. Close to all the Haunted Happenings events, but with a nice fire in the backyard to keep warm. That should be rocking good fun.

October 29, 2004

Hertz Donut

My Friday isn't off to a great start... I've got a nasty headache that I don't seem to be able to shake and I didn't have the pleasure of Lizzie's company during my morning commute. We usually ride the commuter rail in to Boston together, but this morning she had to drive in later for a trip to Restaurant Depot. She's working so much right now that I cherish every moment I can spend with her, even if it's on a crowded MBTA train.

Liz's new workplace, Limelight Stage and Studio should be opening on Monday. It's a really cool concept. Chock full o' fun! If you're in the Boston area stop by for some sake cocktails and full-on hi-tech karaoke madness. They've got a public stage and private rooms that you can rent with a bunch of your friends... record a CD, a DVD... theme-nights... Good stuff. You should check it out.

This weekend we have the double-whammy of Salem Halloween and the Boston Red Sox World Series Victory celebrations. I'm not even going to try to come in to Boston for the parade on Saturday. I'm happy for Red Sox fans all over New England, and I shared some of their joy when the Sox swept the Cardinal for their first World Series victory since 1918. Not so happy that I feel like braving the insane crowds and cold rain predicted for tomorrow though. I'll be saving my energy for Salem Halloween celebrations on Sunday. I don't even have a costume yet.

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