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September 14, 2004

I know...

I know... I'm a bad blogger. Things have been crazy lately and are only getting crazier. I promise to be better at regular posting when things calm down.

In a nutshell:
-Lizzie has started her exciting new job. She's going to be putting in long hours for awhile, but I'm sure all that hard work is going to pay off for her.

-the bookmines have been hectic, but I've managed to get all my projects under control and deadlines are being met.

-in a couple of weeks we're up moving to Salem, MA.. Salem is an interesting town. Lots to do, lots of actual history, and boatloads of psuedo-history and legend. I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about all that, but I want to wait until I actually live there and can do my research before I start editorializing.

That's all I've got time for... gotta run home and pack!

September 17, 2004


I hate packing. I'm almost at the stage where I start grabbing everything in sight and tossing it into boxes which will then be labeled "stuff" and sorted out on the other end. I hate doing that because it makes it impossible to find things at the new place. It also means I'll be packing and moving stuff that I should really be tossing out.

Part of the packing stress is coming from the fact that I'm running out of space to put packed boxes. Hopefully I'll be able to alleviate situation that over the weekend. Tomorrow will consist of me driving back and forth between Jamaica Plain and Salem at least three times with carloads of boxes, at least partially in the pouring rain. Sunday I'll have a cargo van, and two brawny lads (Thanks Smeg and Zubby!) to help me haul whatever boxes are left. Once all the packed stuff is out of the way, I'll have room to assess and pack the rest of it. I really want to be done with this by next weekend. If I blow that deadline, I'll still have a few days before our lease ends to take care of it. I'd just rather be able to spend that time unpacking.


September 24, 2004


Sleep. Pack. Haul. Pack. Haul. Pack. Pack more. Sleep. Repeat until arms and legs feel like rubber. Continue to repeat.

I think I'm about to disassemble my computer, so this may be my last post until the move to Salem is done. Tomorrow the movers come to take the furniture and then we'll be residents of Witch City, USA.

If you need my new address and phone number, drop me an email. I'll be sending out a mass address change email next time I can get online.

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