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The DNC Has Been Veddy Veddy Good to Me

So far, the much dreaded DNC has had a mostly positive effect on my quality of life. My commute on the Orange Line has been speedy and uncrowded. I have yet to see a single bag search, although Iíve heard that they are happening closer to the Fleet Center. The trains and stations are weirdly unlittered and shiny. Even the streets are squeeky clean, despite the fact that anything even resembling a trash can has been removed.

Iíve been going out for long walks at lunch just to see whatís going on. Yesterday I hung out and ate my lunch around the massive Falun Gong demonstration in Copley Square. They had some disturbingly realistic recreations of the torture techniques used by Chinese Government to persecute Falan Gong practitioners. I also caught the tail end of one of the anarchist marches down Boylston Street. It looked like maybe fifty people followed by about 30 cops on motorcycles who where stopping traffic for them. There were apparently no problems... the protestors were peaceful and the police seemed respectful of the whole thing. Aside from that, there wasnít a lot going on except an above average number of tourists with convention passes wandering the streets of the Back Bay to shop and ogle the FAO Schwartz teddy bear.

Today I took a different route, passing through the Public Garden and the Boston Common. The Really Really Democratic Bazaar was going on in the Common, with bands playing on two stages and lots of booths set up by... well, basically anyone who felt like setting up a booth, I guess. There didnít seem to be too much going on. It was early, so maybe it got revved up later. On my way across the Common, I ran into Dan P., an old friend from college. Heíd come down to see the sights, and was on the look out for our mutual friend and ultimate hotshot power-librarian Jessamyn who is in Boston this week as an official blogger at the DNC. Nice to catch up with him a little bit. As it turned out, I had no Jessamyn sightings today. I wonder if Dan did.

The one thing that Iíve found weirdly menacing this week are the unmarked helicopters that have been hovering over the Back Bay. I watched one hanging fairly low over the corner of Boylston and Berkeley for about five minutes before it wandered off, only to be replaced by another one that seemed to be just over Newbury Street. Maybe the Clintons where shopping...


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