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Today is my dear bonehead Katrina's birthday! Happy Birthday, dear Bonehead! Katrina claims to read my blog, but she never posts comments... She is a ninja lurker. Happy birthday, Ninja Bonehead!

Saturday Mrs. Lizzie and I went down to Providence on a whim. Providence is a nice little city, with good restaurants, beautiful old New England industrial architecture, ivy coated college campuses, and plenty of urban grit. We spent some time wandering around Thayer Street, were all the shiny young college kids seemed to be hanging out, spending their summer looking cool.

Next we went downtown to University Tattoo where our friend Joy is one of the resident artists. It was nice to have some time to just hang out on the grass and catch up. I also spent some time talking to Dooz, the other artist at the shop. He does some asian-style work with beautiful shading that I quite admire, and he's a very friendly fellow.

We let Joy get back to work, and then grabbed some tasty indian dinner before heading over to our friend Frank's house. Even more friends over there, so more shooting of the breeze insued. We were introduced to jaw-dropping technological wonders that left my geeky little heart green with envy. All in all, it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday was a lazy day... despite the beautiful weather, I think I only left the house because our arugula had wilted. More was needed for Lizzie to create her wonder salad, so I shuffled off to the Stop n Shop. Otherwise, it was a much needed day of sloth. Sometimes, after much busy-ness and running about, sloth is the least deadly of the seven deadly sins.


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