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Macworld is a lonely and desolate planet...

I just came back from spending a few hours wandering around the Macworld Expo down at the new Boston Convention Center. It was a little disappointing. While there where a few interesting gadgets and doodads, there was nothing that really knocked my socks off. I'm sure that Apple's decision not to participate in the Boston Macworld had a great deal to do with that. After all, what is Macworld without... well... Macs? Apple going AWOL seemed to have cut the legs out from under the Expo. Adobe was also notably absent. I heard that Microsoft was supposed to have a booth, but if they did, I must have missed it. Without many heavy hitters, there just wasn't a lot to hold my attention. Some of the speakers and presentations sounded interesting, but also mostly theoretical. A lot of "someday soon" this and "just on the horizon" that. Not nearly enough "wow" in the "here" and "now".

It wasn't a complete loss though. I walked away with a giant stack of free magazines, a felt-bottomed coaster made out of a speech recognition CD, and a cool pen that lights up blue when you click it. How great is that? Insanely great! Or not. My company gave me a free pass and paid me to spend the morning there. I feel bad that I didn't come back with any information that would be even remotely useful or interesting to my department, but I tried... honest!


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