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DNC Creeping Up

The Democratic National Convention is only days away. By all accounts, the city of Boston is about to be turned into a nightmare world of gridlocked traffic, security checks, random searches, barricades, striking police officers, and drunken delegates swaggering around like they own the place. The media has been warning us for months that the only sane response any Bostonian can have is to "get the @#%$ out of dodge."

So do we listen? Heck no! Lizzie and I are like the old couple in the hurricane that refuses to evacuate. "It's our house and we ain't leavin'!" I have a suspicion that the hype and clamor about the coming DNC hardships is a little overblown. I'm one of the fortunate folks who live south of downtown Boston, and won't be too affected by the closings of North Station and 93. My particular stretch of the Orange Line should have full service, and will probably even run more often.

With that said, I'll probably still try to leave work a little early and avoid the heavily Convention-infested parts of town as much as possible. The News tells us on a nightly basis that the DNC could be an attractive target for terrorists attacks. Then they show us all of the precautions that are being taken to protect us. Does that make me feel safer? Not really. Like most of Boston, I suspect I'll be on edge next week. Loud noises are likely to make me jump. I'll steal suspicious glances at my neighbors as I ride the train. Then I'll feel guilty about it, and I'll try to remember what it was like when we never worried about attacks on our own soil. Weird times.


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