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InDesign through the Out Door

I spent today in Woburn learning to use InDesign, the page layout software from Adobe that seems to be the new big thing in publishing these days. We've been using QuarkXpress in the Bookmines for a long time now, but Quark hasn't done a very good job of keeping up with new technology. They used to be the industry standard, but they seem to be mismanaging themselves into oblivion. Too bad, but I think most of us saw it coming. Lousy customer support and lame upgrades have been failing to impress. Being much too slow to release OSX versions certainly didn't help.
The new Adobe software is pretty cool. It's much more flexible and it interacts more seamlessly with the other applications that we use most often. They've also made it fairly easy for people to make the transition away from Quark. I'm looking forward to using it on real projects. I think I might try using it to create some fresh new Reverend Dave stuff sometime soon.


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