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Cheap Skate

It's a sleepy Saturday... kinda grey and soupy out. I think that Liz and I are going to be slipping out to catch a bargain matinee of the new Harry Potter movie.

We've been seeing a lot of movies lately, mostly because we keep getting free passes to see previews. We're definitely in favor of free entertainment, even if the movie isn't that good. Last week we saw a sneak preview of "The Terminal"... you'd think a Speilberg movie starring Tom Hanks would probably be a safe bet. Not so great. The acting was fine, but the plot was weak and by the end I didn't really care one way or another whether he got out of the airport. There just wasn't anything really compelling about it. But heck... it was 2 hours of free airconditioning.

After the movie, we'll stop by BJ's Wholesale to stock up on toilet paper, cat food, and other essentials of modern day life. My only beef with BJ's is that they don't have as much of the free sample stations as Costco or some of the other wholesale clubs. Like I said... I'm all about the free stuff.


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