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June 1, 2004

InDesign through the Out Door

I spent today in Woburn learning to use InDesign, the page layout software from Adobe that seems to be the new big thing in publishing these days. We've been using QuarkXpress in the Bookmines for a long time now, but Quark hasn't done a very good job of keeping up with new technology. They used to be the industry standard, but they seem to be mismanaging themselves into oblivion. Too bad, but I think most of us saw it coming. Lousy customer support and lame upgrades have been failing to impress. Being much too slow to release OSX versions certainly didn't help.
The new Adobe software is pretty cool. It's much more flexible and it interacts more seamlessly with the other applications that we use most often. They've also made it fairly easy for people to make the transition away from Quark. I'm looking forward to using it on real projects. I think I might try using it to create some fresh new Reverend Dave stuff sometime soon.

June 13, 2004

It Helps

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Beautiful weather and lots of relaxation.

We started out sleeping late on Saturday, and then took the T down to the Charles/MGH stop. From there we took a very nice stroll up the Esplinade all the way to Harvard Square. Probably about six miles or so... then we rewarded ourselves with vietnamese food before heading home to read and have cocktails on the roof deck.

Today we headed out to Worcester to spend a really really good day with our friends Tanja and Marty. There is nothing better for the soul than sitting out on a sunny day with good people enjoying great conversation, excellent food, and a few drinks. Last week was long and crappy, so this was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries for the week ahead.

On the way home this evening we had a little automotive excitement. Liz's exhaust pipe disconnected from the car and was scrapping concrete, no doubt sending up a shower of sparks as we cruised down the Mass Pike. We pulled into a rest stop in Natick and called AAA. Instead of towing us, the very friendly tow guy bent the rules and showed me how to remove the exhaust pipe and muffler so that we could drive home (very loudly) under our own steam. No great trauma, and I learned something new about auto maintenance.

In the last two days, Liz has had two very promising job nibbles. Interesting things may be on the horizon.

June 19, 2004

Cheap Skate

It's a sleepy Saturday... kinda grey and soupy out. I think that Liz and I are going to be slipping out to catch a bargain matinee of the new Harry Potter movie.

We've been seeing a lot of movies lately, mostly because we keep getting free passes to see previews. We're definitely in favor of free entertainment, even if the movie isn't that good. Last week we saw a sneak preview of "The Terminal"... you'd think a Speilberg movie starring Tom Hanks would probably be a safe bet. Not so great. The acting was fine, but the plot was weak and by the end I didn't really care one way or another whether he got out of the airport. There just wasn't anything really compelling about it. But heck... it was 2 hours of free airconditioning.

After the movie, we'll stop by BJ's Wholesale to stock up on toilet paper, cat food, and other essentials of modern day life. My only beef with BJ's is that they don't have as much of the free sample stations as Costco or some of the other wholesale clubs. Like I said... I'm all about the free stuff.

June 21, 2004

By Jamaica Pond

Yesterday, Lizzie and I went for a nice three hour walk around Jamaica Pond and through the Arboretum. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I love Jamaica Plain at this time of year... so much green, gardens in bloom, lots of baby wildlife running around. Soaking up all that life is good for you.

After the walk, we headed to Doyle's to meet up with our friend Mike for dinner and beer. Doyle's is one of those Boston gems steeped in political history and Irish spirit. Probably one of the best places in Boston to go drink a Guinness and watch the election results. The food isn't bad either.

June 24, 2004

Change is in the air?

Great forum, really enjoyed reading some of the posts

June 25, 2004

Midwest Yo!

Tonight I'll be picking up Lizzie at the airport after her return flight from Virginia. We'll have about enough time to pack, play with the cats, collapse, and head back to the airport for our trip to Chicago tomorrow morning. My old friend Ari is getting married on Sunday, so we'll have a couple of days to catch up with my Chicago posse before rushing back to Boston on Monday morning. It's going to be a couple of days of busy booked-solid funtime. Sadly no time to make it up to Milwaukee, but it'll still be a rocking good trip.

I was digging through some old folders and found this little blast from the past...

That always makes me laugh. It is good to be easily amused.

June 29, 2004

Windy City

Having lived so far from the shores of Lake Michigan for so long now, I sometimes forget what an amazing, vibrant, yet down to earth city Chicago can be. This weekend was an excellent reminder. It was also much too short.

We were there Saturday through Monday for the wedding of my old friend Ari and his very cool fiance (now wife) Gail. Ari and I lived together (with about 6 other people) for a couple of years during college. Ari is an amazing chef and for at least a year of that time Ari was my personal cook. I was his personal dishwasher, so it worked out fairly well for both of us. About 12 years later, and we've each found newer and cuter cooks and dishwashers (sorry, Ari).

We had the excellent good fortune of being able to stay with our friend Matt for the weekend. Not only is he a great host, but as a life-long native he's one of the greatest advocates for the city of Chicago that I've ever met. Mostly he's just a lot of fun to talk to, and he understands the joys of drinking pints in the sun on a summer day. Thanks for being such an excellent host, and also for giving us some new tunes.

Our friends Sammi and Bill also came into the city to join us for pints in the sun. Last time, they were meeting us for pints in the snow at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha. This time we went a little more urban stylee at the Pontiac Bar in Wicker park. Bill had three different types of digital camera with him... I just have to admire that in a person.

The wedding itself was quite beautiful. It was an outdoor ceremony at the the Garfield Conservatory, with the reception held inside. The Conservatory seems (at least at the moment) to be a weird mix between a botanical garden and Jurassic Park. Weird installations of dinosaur skeletons, often in artistic arrangements where scattered throughout the gardens. Beautiful and yet a little creepy, but fun. It was nice to reconnect with so many old college friends that I don't see often enough. It's funny how many of my friends from both Hampshire and Boston have ended up in the Chicago area. There has been a slow but definite migration. Who knows, maybe we'll be next.

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