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Mandatory Update

Don't know why, but I haven't felt too inspired to post here lately. We're still playing the "wait and see" game, but it looks like we'll still be in Boston (or at least the Boston area) for little while. Despite a constant search and many resumes sent, I've yet to get a single call for a job in the midwest. Meanwhile, my job here seems to be going really well, with a promotion just around the corner. Liz has done somewhat better with the process, but still no pay-off. We haven't given up trying, but we're also reinvestigating possibilities in New England. Possibly Providence. We're just trying to keep all of our options open and see where it takes us.

We've got a busy weekend planned... drinks with friends, visiting my bro and sis-in-law, hopefully seeing some old friends in Western MA on Sunday. Lots of groovy goodness all around. Happily, Lizzie has the whole holiday weekend off. That makes it extra-nice.


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