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Warm and Gooey

My cold is abating, just in time for what is looking like it will be a beautiful 3-day weekend. If you aren't in Boston, you probably had no idea this is a holiday weekend. This Monday is Patriot's day... celebrating... um... well... patriotism or something. The real deal is that it's the day that the annual Boston Marathon is run. The marathon route effectively geographically divides the city in half, making travel difficult. My office is two blocks from the finish line, in an area that is entirely blocked off for medical tents, massage tents, refreshment, meeting places for the families of runners, etc. Therefore, my office (and many offices around the city, especially the Back Bay) is closed. Hurray for the Marathon!

Last night we met up with Mike for dinner at Zon's. Actually he'd already eaten, so he watched us eat while we watched him drink beer. Either way, it was nice to hang out with him for a bit.

I got a couple of emails over the last few days from a couple of old friends from high school, Judy and Geneva. It's probably been almost 17 years since I've seen either of them. It's very cool to hear about what they've been up to and about the very nice lives that they've each made for themselves over the years.

My parents are up in New Hampshire this weekend, visiting my bro and his wife and kidlets. Liz and I will head up there Sunday to see them, and to get in some wrassling time with my cute niece and nephew.

Other good news:
-We're going to see the freaking PIXIES play the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago in November! This monkey has gone to heaven!
-Krispy Kreme opened at the Prudential Mall yesterday, just a few blocks from the Bookmines! To celebrate the fact that it's Friday, I went had two gooey melt-in-your mouth original glazed donuts, still hot off the belt. I've disovered that after they hand you the hot donut, you have about ten minutes maximum to eat it before it starts transforming back into a normal (but still tasty) donut. This is the magic and the lore of Krispy Kreme... oh, and I got a paper hat too... Sorry, Mom... but a donut every now and then ain't gonna kill me.


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