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I'll Take Manhattan

New York was a very good time, as it usually is. Jenni was the hostess with the mostest!

We took the Fung Wah bus from Chinatown Boston to Chinatown New York. What an amazing deal. Ten dollars each way! Nice big busses with fairly comfortable seats. Last night it got us home in less that four hours... I've rarely done that driving myself. If we sere sticking around Boston longer, I'd take that suckah all the time.

We rolled in to Chinatown Friday night, dropped off our bags at Jenni's place on the Lower Eastside, and then headed out to meet Liz's old room mate Amy. The three of us went to Decibel, a cool downstairs sake bar for some really delicious cold saki and a table full of tasty Japanese appetizers. I really like that place... kinda dark, dingy and atmospheric, with good food, great saki, and a thumping sound system. Afterward Amy took us to Lit, where she's apparently a regular because they let us in without paying the cover. We staggered home soon after, since poor Lizzie had only had about an hour of sleep the night before

Saturday we went to Brunch with Jenni at 7A. Did some shopping, stopped by Sacred to say "hi" to Brian, and then eventually met up with Lauren, Cora, and Samantha for some Italian food at Frutti Di Mare. We finished up the evening with a long night at Motor City. Somehow I always end up at Motor City... this time I was slightly tipsy and singing along to the Pixies with Amy. Go figure.

Sunday we slept in a little (since we didn't really get home until 3am) and then met up with Cora and Samantha for some feasting at Katz's. Best corned beef sandwich in the known world... it will destroy whatever you thought you understood about corned beef. After brunch we headed up to 23rd on a bagelquest... Liz bought extra luggage specifically for the bagels... Now why didn't I have one of those for breakfast this morning? Dang.

All too soon it was time to climb back on the Chicken Bus and head back to Boston. Moving to the Midwest is going to make these NYC trips much more difficult. But never impossible... It's Liz's hometown, so I'm sure we'll always go back for visits.


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