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April 2, 2004

Still Alive

It's been a week of 11 hour work days this week. Trying to pump out part of a kinda cool CD-Rom product that we supply to teachers using our books. I've been more or less in charge of making our part of this info tech project happen, and it's given me a chance to try my hand and supervising. I've been bossing around a team of 4 people this week. Don't worry, I'm firm but fair. I really wanted the project to be wrapped up before I left last night, but fate (aka our venders) conspired against us. I had to leave the finish up to someone else, since I've got the day off today.

I just picked up Lizzie at the airport. It's sounds like her 2nd interview for the job she really wants went well. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

In about an hour we leave for a weekend in NYC. We're taking the $10 Chinatown to Chinatown bus. How can you beat a deal like that? It cost more than that to take a taxi to the Boston airport. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of our friends down there. A Jewish Food Crawl is being organized... I can almost taste it now! This might be our last trip to NYC before we move to the Midwest, so we'll try to make the most of it.

April 6, 2004

I'll Take Manhattan

New York was a very good time, as it usually is. Jenni was the hostess with the mostest!

We took the Fung Wah bus from Chinatown Boston to Chinatown New York. What an amazing deal. Ten dollars each way! Nice big busses with fairly comfortable seats. Last night it got us home in less that four hours... I've rarely done that driving myself. If we sere sticking around Boston longer, I'd take that suckah all the time.

We rolled in to Chinatown Friday night, dropped off our bags at Jenni's place on the Lower Eastside, and then headed out to meet Liz's old room mate Amy. The three of us went to Decibel, a cool downstairs sake bar for some really delicious cold saki and a table full of tasty Japanese appetizers. I really like that place... kinda dark, dingy and atmospheric, with good food, great saki, and a thumping sound system. Afterward Amy took us to Lit, where she's apparently a regular because they let us in without paying the cover. We staggered home soon after, since poor Lizzie had only had about an hour of sleep the night before

Saturday we went to Brunch with Jenni at 7A. Did some shopping, stopped by Sacred to say "hi" to Brian, and then eventually met up with Lauren, Cora, and Samantha for some Italian food at Frutti Di Mare. We finished up the evening with a long night at Motor City. Somehow I always end up at Motor City... this time I was slightly tipsy and singing along to the Pixies with Amy. Go figure.

Sunday we slept in a little (since we didn't really get home until 3am) and then met up with Cora and Samantha for some feasting at Katz's. Best corned beef sandwich in the known world... it will destroy whatever you thought you understood about corned beef. After brunch we headed up to 23rd on a bagelquest... Liz bought extra luggage specifically for the bagels... Now why didn't I have one of those for breakfast this morning? Dang.

All too soon it was time to climb back on the Chicken Bus and head back to Boston. Moving to the Midwest is going to make these NYC trips much more difficult. But never impossible... It's Liz's hometown, so I'm sure we'll always go back for visits.

Something is buzzing

I have a very good feeling that Lizzie is going to get a job offer soon, kicking the move to Milwaukee in to high gear. I got some possible good news from my boss today about my own relocation. They may actually create a position for me at the Illinois office! Failing that, the bossman has a few more strings he can pull for me outside of the company. This could work out really really well...

Time to go home... I feel the rumblings of a cold coming on and need to take precautions if I am to defeat it. My kung fu is very very strong.

April 7, 2004

Cartoon Fun

This is great! This guy teaching English to kids in Japan uses a comic strip with blanked out word bubbles as a teaching aid. The kids fill in the bubbles. Hilarity insues...

Check it out!

April 9, 2004

Guinness is Good for You!

It looks like the old advertising slogan might actually be true. Not that I'm shocked . I have long been of the opinion that a pint now and then in good company can be tonic for the soul. It takes no great leap of faith to believe that a pint a day might also be a benefit to ones health.

Drink to your health!

April 13, 2004

Germs and Spams

I'm battling a nasty cold that has left me foggy and useless. My manager is telling me to go home... I'm just trying to hang in for a 2pm meeting concerning a project I'm working on. After that, I'll probably bail out and head home.

I've finally become fed up with my email spam situation... I've started investigating some spam-filtering options for my Mac. Right now, it looks like the best solution will be Eudora 6.1 (with SpamWatch), If that doesn't work well enough, I can always add on SpamSieve later. Hopefully that will save me from of the frustration of the 150 or so spams a day that I'm currently receiving.

Anyone have other suggestions for someone working in a Mac environment?

April 16, 2004

Warm and Gooey

My cold is abating, just in time for what is looking like it will be a beautiful 3-day weekend. If you aren't in Boston, you probably had no idea this is a holiday weekend. This Monday is Patriot's day... celebrating... um... well... patriotism or something. The real deal is that it's the day that the annual Boston Marathon is run. The marathon route effectively geographically divides the city in half, making travel difficult. My office is two blocks from the finish line, in an area that is entirely blocked off for medical tents, massage tents, refreshment, meeting places for the families of runners, etc. Therefore, my office (and many offices around the city, especially the Back Bay) is closed. Hurray for the Marathon!

Last night we met up with Mike for dinner at Zon's. Actually he'd already eaten, so he watched us eat while we watched him drink beer. Either way, it was nice to hang out with him for a bit.

I got a couple of emails over the last few days from a couple of old friends from high school, Judy and Geneva. It's probably been almost 17 years since I've seen either of them. It's very cool to hear about what they've been up to and about the very nice lives that they've each made for themselves over the years.

My parents are up in New Hampshire this weekend, visiting my bro and his wife and kidlets. Liz and I will head up there Sunday to see them, and to get in some wrassling time with my cute niece and nephew.

Other good news:
-We're going to see the freaking PIXIES play the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago in November! This monkey has gone to heaven!
-Krispy Kreme opened at the Prudential Mall yesterday, just a few blocks from the Bookmines! To celebrate the fact that it's Friday, I went had two gooey melt-in-your mouth original glazed donuts, still hot off the belt. I've disovered that after they hand you the hot donut, you have about ten minutes maximum to eat it before it starts transforming back into a normal (but still tasty) donut. This is the magic and the lore of Krispy Kreme... oh, and I got a paper hat too... Sorry, Mom... but a donut every now and then ain't gonna kill me.

April 23, 2004

Enough with the Crazy-making!

I know what you're wondering... Did she get the job or didn't she? Well, dang it, we still don't know. Is it making us crazy? Yes. Yes it is. Very much so. Have I heard anything about my job possibilities? Nope. Nothing. Nada. I promise, as soon as we hear something we'll let the world know. We'll hire sky writers and spammers and carnival barkers. We'll take out a full page ad in the New York Times. We'll sell t-shirts. Believe me, you'll hear about it. You won't be able to get us to shut up. Soon you'll be sick of hearing about it. Until then, please don't ask... it only increases the crazy-making.

The weekend is almost here... mere moments away. Tonight Liz and I will be doing dinner and "Kill Bill Vol.2" with Zubby and Larisa. Tomorrow, I'm going to do some power packing in my office and maybe bake some soda bread.

April 28, 2004

Sit down Christian!

I found this link on my friend Matthew's blog page and I had to pass it along:

So you want to talk about homosexuality? YOU want to talk about homosexuality? You want to talk about homosexuALITY?

Sit down CHRIStian. Give me that bible youíre waving before you hurt yourself. Iím going to resist the temptation to snatch it from your hands and beat you with it. I am your worst nightmare, a Texas preacher who knows The Book better than you do.

You cannot wave your unread bible and scare me. I know its larger story and I will tear you a new biblical asshole."

Go read the rest of it. It's a brilliant refutation of most of the "scriptural" pronouncements against homosexuality, by a Christian preacher who isn't afraid to point a finger when homophobic bigots try to disguise their hate and fear as "faith".

I'm not a religious person, but I was raised by good parents who taught me the importance of loving my fellow human beings and accepting, respecting, and appreciating their differences, while staying open to the many similarities. It seems like a good and moral way to live. If your God thinks otherwise, he's unwelcome in my house. Somehow though, I suspect that if your God teaches intolerance, he's not the God you think he is. Check for hoofs.

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