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Tick Tock

The gears are definitely turning in the weird Rube Goldberg machine that is our life. Lizzie is off to Milwaukee again this afternoon for an very promising job interview. I have a feeling that she'll get one of the two jobs that she is interviewing for... If so, that will pretty much cement May 1st as my last day in Boston.

Thanks to the guidance of The Dad-in-Law, we found out today that we're going to be able to afford a home in Milwaukee with payments much cheaper than our rent here. Room enough for Liz and I, the cats, and eventually our future offspring... It's still somewhat heartbreaking to me that the same amount of money wouldn't buy a 1 bedroom apartment in a crack house in Boston. But that's why we're leaving... following so many other people we know who finally cracked under the financial strain of the most expensive city in the Americas.

Is it weird that I already miss Lizzie? She's only going to be gone a couple of days, and she hasn't even left yet! I just don't look forward to going home tonight and not having her there. When I was single, I never minded being alone and having time to myself. Now,I've apparently developed a serious Lizzie addiction! Not that that's a habit that I EVER intend to kick... :)


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