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I haven't been felling very "bloggy" lately... not sure why. I think maybe because I'm waiting for the big news. Things seem to revolve around waiting lately, and it makes everyday goings-on seem less than noteworthy. That's not really a good way to experience life, so I'll try to shake the mindset.

Liz and I went to see a free sneak preview of "Hell Boy" tonight. We both thought it was fun. Lots of action, cool effects, and a story that did a good job of explaining the characters while keeping the momentum going. I have to admit that while I'm a little bit of a comic geek, I've never really read Mike Mignola's HellBoy" books. I don't know how the fanboys will react... probably like fanboys usually do. "Hey! That's out of continuity! In issue 17, Abe Sapian said he prefered macadamia nuts to rotten eggs..." Oye.


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