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The Amazing Flying McBride

Last weekend was exactly what I needed... 3 days of "hanging" out in Providence with a bunch of really good people. No matter where we move, I hope we'll always be able to make it to Providence for these events. Spending time with those folks is good for both my head and my heart.

This week has been all about work... I feel like I complain about that too much. It isn't a bad thing. I'd definitely rather have the work than not, and we need the money pretty badly right now. Liz and I are both itching to get the next phase of our lives started, and doing this extra freelance stuff now will help make that transition a little easier.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend (or at least early next week) I'll have this freelance job finished and I can move on to the other things that desperately need my attention.

We have a visitor from the Great White North coming to stay with us next week. That should be fun... Liz has lined up a "judaica crawl" in Brookline on Sunday for the "Boston Jew Crew" followed by a feast at our house. I might need to stay home and work for the "crawl" but there's NO WAY I'm missing the feast!


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