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Periscope Up!

Well... the fact that I have allowed my blog to scroll all of it's entries off screen is a pretty good indicator that I need to post something. My life has been too busy for me to be online much lately. Long hours at the bookmines and freelance work when I get home... not much fun, but it'll help pay the bills.

Lizzie and I had a very nice Valentine's Day on Saturday. She flew back from Milwaukee in the morning, then we went shopping and she made an amazing paella for dinner for our romantic dinner. Chock full of chicken, sausage, mussels, and shrimp! So good we had it again for breakfast the next morning. I married a girl who can COOK! :) After dinner, we curled up together for a quiet evening of TV on the couch. exactly what we both needed after a long week.

There might be a possibility for me to transfer to a job in Illinois within the company. That could work out quite well. It's a different type of job, and probably pays a little less, but it keeps me in publishing and could be quite interesting work. We'll see.

Much fun planned for the weekend! We'll be meeting up with a bunch of friends from all over the country (and Canada) at an event in Providence. Exactly what I need right now.


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