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Emerging from the Bookmines

The madness in the bookmines seems to have finally abated... the last pages of the book are out the door and on their way to the printer. Now I'm sitting at my desk, wondering what to do with myself. It's always weird to go from unrelenting workload to thumbtwiddling in less than 24 hours. Of course I've still got a ton of freelance work to do in the next couple of weeks, but I met my current deadline on that last night as well. That means I can take the weekend off. Part of me just wants to sleep late and sit around in my underwear playing Xbox games, but that isn't in the cards either. This weekend will be spent down in Providence, having a blast with a lot of people I don't get to see often enough. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Then Monday it'll be right back to two weeks of freelance math equation typesetting by night and Social Studies book cleanup by day. Sure would be nice to find time to job hunt for the move back to the Midwest. Cripes.


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