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February 5, 2004

Gay Marriage in Mass.

Starting in May, Massachusetts will be the first state to legalize gay marriage! Unfortunately, on February 11, legislators will vote on whether to move to amend the State Constitution to define marriage as "the union between one man and one woman." No amendment will be in place before the legalization in MA, but it's important to KEEP it legal. If you live in MA, contact your legislators and let them know what you think.

Our own MA Senator and democratic presidential nominee front runner John Kerry has said that while he supports domestic partnership rights, he opposes Gay Marriage. He considers marriage a union sanctified by the Church... What? Whose church? Which church? Isn't there supposed to be a separation between church and state? I don't have a church... and I would never belong to one that had a problem with two people loving and committing themselves to each other, regardless of gender, race, or creed. Beyond that, I know that there are churches out there that support the idea of same-sex marriages. What about THOSE churches? If YOUR church tells you not to marry someone of your own gender, please feel free not to. No one is going to force YOU into a gay marriage. That doesn't mean your church should tell anyone else how to run their lives.

I believe very strongly in the sanctity of marriage. I believe that it involves a sacred promise and a commitment to your partner that should not be broken. If you're afraid that someone else's marriage is going to effect the sanctity of your own, I suggest the problem is more with your marriage than with theirs.

February 9, 2004

You Want This?

Job hunting in a city that you don't live in is a little daunting. I'm building lists of potential employers, firing off my resume to companies that aren't even hiring, and crossing my fingers that someone eventually reads it and gives me a chance.

My current job is keeping me very busy at the moment, and absorbing a lot of my energy. We are in the final days of a social studies project that must go to print by the end of the week. It's been difficult to come home and spend more time looking at a computer screen. No one seems to be posting job listing for the kind of stuff that I do on the big job boards. That means that I have to scour every individual publisher's corporate web site over and over until something materializes. Plus check 4 or 5 of the major job sites... plus the Milwaukee and Chicago on-line classifieds. It makes my head hurt, but it's got to be done.

Liz is getting closer and closer to finding a good job in Milwaukee. She's got another interview this week. When that happens, we'll be moving fairly quickly... Possibly by April 1st. We'll both be moving whether I have a job or not. Financially, we just can't afford two apartments in two cities. So me getting a job quickly is an imperative. Scary stuff.

Tonight I'm going home and forcing myself to spend the night in front of the computer, whether it makes me crazy or not. Because it's getting to the point that NOT doing it will make me crazy. I am bad at chaos and uncertainty. I know that this is an important and necessary move that we are making. I know that it is a GOOD move. It still makes me jittery and stressed out. I can't do much about that, but seeing me jittery stresses Liz out. Stressing out Lizzie stresses me out. It's a nasty cycle, based entirely on the fact that we love each other so much that we hate to see each other wig out about anything. I have no idea how to break out of it, other than forge ahead until we get resettled into our new and exciting life together.

I apologize for subjecting you all to my little stress party. Please don't take it too seriously. I tend to vent in this blog more than I rejoice, so you aren't seeing all the good and happy things that light up my world on a daily basis. Writing has always been a good way to purge my frustrations, and unfortunately this seems to be where I occasionally purge. I'll try to include some of the good stuff occasionally too.

February 18, 2004

Periscope Up!

Well... the fact that I have allowed my blog to scroll all of it's entries off screen is a pretty good indicator that I need to post something. My life has been too busy for me to be online much lately. Long hours at the bookmines and freelance work when I get home... not much fun, but it'll help pay the bills.

Lizzie and I had a very nice Valentine's Day on Saturday. She flew back from Milwaukee in the morning, then we went shopping and she made an amazing paella for dinner for our romantic dinner. Chock full of chicken, sausage, mussels, and shrimp! So good we had it again for breakfast the next morning. I married a girl who can COOK! :) After dinner, we curled up together for a quiet evening of TV on the couch. exactly what we both needed after a long week.

There might be a possibility for me to transfer to a job in Illinois within the company. That could work out quite well. It's a different type of job, and probably pays a little less, but it keeps me in publishing and could be quite interesting work. We'll see.

Much fun planned for the weekend! We'll be meeting up with a bunch of friends from all over the country (and Canada) at an event in Providence. Exactly what I need right now.

February 19, 2004

Emerging from the Bookmines

The madness in the bookmines seems to have finally abated... the last pages of the book are out the door and on their way to the printer. Now I'm sitting at my desk, wondering what to do with myself. It's always weird to go from unrelenting workload to thumbtwiddling in less than 24 hours. Of course I've still got a ton of freelance work to do in the next couple of weeks, but I met my current deadline on that last night as well. That means I can take the weekend off. Part of me just wants to sleep late and sit around in my underwear playing Xbox games, but that isn't in the cards either. This weekend will be spent down in Providence, having a blast with a lot of people I don't get to see often enough. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Then Monday it'll be right back to two weeks of freelance math equation typesetting by night and Social Studies book cleanup by day. Sure would be nice to find time to job hunt for the move back to the Midwest. Cripes.

Ouija if you could?

Fred, one of my supervisors at work, just gave me a 70s era Parker Brothers Ouija board. He's getting ready to move and is cleaning out his house. It's the traditional William Fuld design on a heavy (nonwooden) board, and is in beautiful shape. I've always been both fascinated and creeped out by Ouija boards. I'm not sure that I want to hear from anyone on "the other side." I'd rather keep my metaphysical phone number unlisted. Still, I like the design, and the idea that something so simple and "low tech" could open a gateway that none of our technology could unlock. Not that I particulary believe that... I just like the idea. So I'll hang on to the Ouija board, and maybe I'll find a non-supernatural decorative use for it.

February 27, 2004

The Amazing Flying McBride

Last weekend was exactly what I needed... 3 days of "hanging" out in Providence with a bunch of really good people. No matter where we move, I hope we'll always be able to make it to Providence for these events. Spending time with those folks is good for both my head and my heart.

This week has been all about work... I feel like I complain about that too much. It isn't a bad thing. I'd definitely rather have the work than not, and we need the money pretty badly right now. Liz and I are both itching to get the next phase of our lives started, and doing this extra freelance stuff now will help make that transition a little easier.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend (or at least early next week) I'll have this freelance job finished and I can move on to the other things that desperately need my attention.

We have a visitor from the Great White North coming to stay with us next week. That should be fun... Liz has lined up a "judaica crawl" in Brookline on Sunday for the "Boston Jew Crew" followed by a feast at our house. I might need to stay home and work for the "crawl" but there's NO WAY I'm missing the feast!

Trouble with a capitol "K"

I just found out that a brand new Krispy Kreme Donuts will be opening soon just a 5 minute walk from my office. This is a very dangerous development... Thus far, my potential addiction to Krispy Kremes hot off the belt has been held in check by geography. Until now, there has only been one shop in the Boston area, and it's a 45 minute train ride away. Before that, a trip to New York was required if I wanted to indulge in fresh hot donuty goodness. On my last trip to Krispy Kreme, I intended tto order to donuts and a medium coffee. When I made it to the counter, all that came out of my mouth was "I'll take a dozen." Six donuts, a cup of coffee, and a couple hours later, as the sugar infused every cell in my body and began to crystalize, I swore I'd never do THAT again. Now the donut pushers have come to my doorstep and I might not be strong enough to "just say No."

Dangerous dangerous time...

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