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We Who Lunch

I just had a very nice lunch with my friend Nicole. She's someone that I definitely don't see often enough. We talked a lot about the perils of adulthood and our constant struggle with chronic laziness. We talked about how Boston drives out talented and educated young people (like ourselves... heh) with it's exorbitant housing prices and cost of living. Hell, we talked about a lot of semi-sorta dreadful things. Sounds really cheerful, huh? Actually it really was. For me anyway... and hopefully for Nicole too. She's a good egg.

In other news, Spalding Gray is missing. The news stories are not making it sound like there will be a happy outcome. Depression, suicidal inclinations, a death fixation... It sounds like everyone involved is expecting the worst. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him though... He's a talented guy, whether you love or hate his monologues.


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