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rambling man

This is me... feeling somewhat uninspired and listless... but still trying to make a journal entry. Lets see how it goes.

All in all, it was a good weekend. A party at Sue's house in Stoughton on Saturday night, made extra nice when our friends Ryan and Amy showed up. Sunday Marty and Tanja drove in from Worcester for a movie and dinner. We saw the new Tim Burton movie "Big Fish". I wasn't really expecting to like it, based on a few reviews from friends. I was pleasantly surprised. Great Tim Burton visuals and an interesting look at storytelling and father son relationships. It does a little bit of over the top heart string pulling, but not so much that it bothered me. After the movie, we went to Addis Red Sea for the best darn Ethiopian food in Boston. Just can't get enough of that stuff.

Today I'm back at work... I should have worked on Saturday, but I find myself less driven to impress folks at work, now that we've made the decision to move. Not that I'm slacking off... I'm just not so motivated to go the extra mile. Today is busy, and I'm multitasking my butt off. Rearranging my workload on the fly to compensate for broken printers and confused editors... Rock and roll.

My biggest fear about this upcoming move is that I'll have to take a fairly large step backward career-wise. As I search the job listings, it occurs to me that part of the reason I always said that I couldn't move to Milwaukee was that there are almost NO publishing jobs there. There are PRINTING jobs... but it's kind of a different ball game with different skill sets that I haven't yet acquired. Living in Milwaukee is probably going to mean starting over at the bottom in some regards, and that's a problem. Of course, the alternative is commuting to Chicago. That would be lousy, but doable for the right job at the right company. All academic, since so far no one is calling me back anyway. The worst case scenario would be having to take a job at the crazy print company. Good company, but a bit of a creepy cult-like corporate culture. The hours are evil too. Mandatory 12 hour night shifts for half the year. Not too compatible with having a family, or even a significant other that you like to spend time with... But if it came down to survival, I'd have to do it. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Enough about me... what about you?


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