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motion sickness

Liz has a job interview next Friday... in Milwaukee. She's already booked a flight for a week from today. This is a good and positive thing, but also terrifying. Things seem to be moving very fast, and I'm not very good at dealing with fast and major changes. This move is something that we both want, but the logistics are daunting. Just the packing alone is a nightmare. Even harder is the idea of leaving a decent job that I enjoy to try and find a new job in a new city during a lousy economy. I know that I can do it. I'm good enough at what I do that I should be able to find someone to hire me. It just feels like a lot at the moment. We haven't even got our wedding "Thank You" notes done, or all of our wedding pix printed. I'm freaking out a little.

Just a little though. This stuff will all work itself out, and it will be a positive step toward the future that Liz and I both want. I just needed to vent and this seems like an okay place to do it. I need to kick myself into gear and start getting stuff done, to ease this transition as much as possible.


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