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Mars Needs Water

It's been a very long day, full of plumbers and long hours at the bookmill, and missing my wife. Fortunately, it ended with some much needed El Salvadorian (I think) food and beers (I know) with Mike at the Brendan Behan. Drink and good conversation is always an excellent way to turn a bad day around.

On the way home, a strange hispanic man pulled over and tried to entice me into his chevy. He might have just been a nice guy offering a ride to a neighbor on a icy cold night. Or he might have been after my goodies. We'll never know. I was a little drunk and in a good mood, and decided that I'd be much better off enjoying the walk through Jamaica Plain. Safety Pup says "Never get into cars with strangers, kids!"

Now I'm back at the crib, missing Lizzie, but I'm warm and I have a purring cat on my lap, so things could be worse. Tomorrow will be another hectic work day, followed by a party at a co-workers house. That should be a kinda fun. More fun if Liz was here.


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