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Insanely Great

Yesterday, at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, Apple announced their new line of Ipods Minis. They are physically about a half inch smaller in length and width than their predecessors, come in a variety of pastel colors, and only hold 4 gigs. At a price tag of $250, I can't think of a single reason that anyone would go for this deal. For an extra $50, you can get a regular Ipod with 15gb of storage... that works out to a more than 3.5 times as many songs (1000 vs. 3700 according to Apple). So maybe it's a half inch bigger and doesn't come in different colors with a silly spandex arm band... So what? I'll be interested to see whether that takes off, or whether they just drop the price to something more reasonable.

All this brings up the real point of this post... the 15 gig Ipod. When I heard this was announced yesterday, I felt ill. Just few weeks ago, we got the 10 gig Ipod as a Christmas/Birthday gift to each other... for exactly the same price as the new 15 gig version. I figured that we were out of luck, until my friend Zubby suggested trying to exchange it. He even called the Apple Store and asked if it would be possible. To our surprise, Apple Dude said, "Sure. No problem. You just have to pay a $30 restocking fee." An extra 5 gigs of space for $30 sounded pretty okay to me...

After work I rushed home, grabbed Lizzie and the hardware, and headed for the mall in Cambridge. The moment we got into the car, the previously quiet skies immediately started to dump a blizzard of snow on us. It was so strange... an instant white out. I started to drive in it and turned back, thinking no Ipod was worth dying for. We blamed Steve Jobs and his Weather Machine. He was clearly trying to prevent us from obtaining our upgrade. Fortunately, he must have been running his weather machine on an old Ipod battery, because within 10 minutes the storm had ended almost as quickly as it began. We proceeded to the Mall.

We walked into the Galleria ornery and itchin' for a fight. I was already over tired and starving, and was convinced that nothing good could actually come of all this. Wrong! The Insanely Great sales guy really took care of us and was very friendly about the whole thing. Go Apple!

We celebrated with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Speaking of which, their leftover meat loaf is calling me to lunch... So thus ends my tale.


Addendum: I just got a call from my dear friend Meryl!!! She was calling from the airport in Bangkok, where she had just arrived after fleeing a bad teaching job in the armpit of China. She and her boy Gary headed to greener pastures and tropical paradise in Thailand. She says there is plenty of work for them there, so they won't have a problem finding employment. Go Meryl! It was really good to hear her voice.


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