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Ice water

The brutally cold weather has finally left for awhile.. ironically it took our hot water with it. We woke up this morning to find that our shower running cold. A quick inspection of the basement found that our water heater was spraying and a small lake was forming. We called the land lord. No answer. We called the plumber. They said they'd call us back, but there was quite a backlog. Six hours later I called back to check in...

The guy almost bit my head off! It was pretty clear that he'd been answering angry phone calls all day. I was very friendly, told him I knew that they where busy and working as fast as they could, and that I just wanted to know if he could give me a rough estimate on when they might get to us. He calmed down right away, took down the info on the water heater and said he'd call my landlord and get back to me as soon as he could. I got a call back ten minutes later. The end result: probably no hot water until Tuesday. They need to order a new unit and then get it installed. They're still getting to calls from LAST Tuesday, but if they have another job in our neighborhood sooner, he'll try to get them to work ours in. I got the feeling that he appreciated not being screamed at, and would honestly try to get us taken care of.

On the bright side... we DO have heat. And our friend and neighbor Beth lives just two doors down and has kindly offered us the use of her shower until ours works again. At least we won't stink!


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