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The year 2004 A.D. is already shaping up to be a year of monumental and brain-shaking changes in the life of Dave. I wish that I could say that I'm the kind of guy who embraces and grooves on change... and in the abstract, I AM that kind of guy. I love new trends, new technology, new ideas, new music, etc. When the change becomes more personal, it wigs me out a little, even when I know it's a positive change.

I've lived in Boston for 12 years now. I've been at the same job for over 6 years. The idea of completely packing up my life and moving it somewhere else, finding a new job and a new home scares the crap out of me on some level. Even if it's a place that I know and am comfortable with... But that's exactly the direction that I seem to be headed.

The plain truth is that Boston, a city that I dearly love, is slowly destroying me. Mostly financially... I manage to stay afloat, but only barely. The fact that I could own a six bedroom house in Milwaukee for lower mortgage payments than we pay in rent on a 2 bedroom in Jamaica Plain really eats at my soul. I don't NEED a 6 bedroom house... we could own a nice 3-bedroom for HALF what we pay in rent... HALF! Not to mention lower taxes, lower car insurance rates, lower cost of living in general. And those are just the financial reasons. In Boston, even with two decent incomes, we can't afford to buy a house that we'd be happy in. That's just wrong.

People have said, "Why don't you just move outside of the city? Like Fitchburg or something, then commute." First of all, it isn't all that much cheaper outside the city, unless you get WAY outside of the city. Second... I LIKE the city. I'm a city guy... Living way out in the 'burbs or rural areas would drive me completely mad. I like fresh air... but only in small doses.

So. Change is in the air. No lie, it makes me queasy. But I can live through that if it will provide a clearer and easier path toward a happy future. Just don't expect me to be smiling all the way there. At least not ALL the way.


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